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Bringing balance to the workplace

New Horizons How We Deliver
New Horizons

Our work with our clients evolves from a philosophy of shared ownership and a long-term optic to the transfer of knowledge.  Therefore, all of our interventions are co-designed and elaborated with the client.  This creates a greater sense of ownership and overall understanding of the process which in turn leads to the transfer of knowledge and long-term viable solutions.

Every mandate that we commit to evolves in the following manner:

  1. Diagnostic phase: through a process of inquiry and data gathering we are then best able to fully understand the issues at hand, delve into the dynamics and norms of the organization, industry, environment etc. We believe that if we do not understand the culture and dynamics of the organization it is very difficult to properly serve our clients needs.
  2. Engagement: allows us to bring into the process various implicated stakeholders from within the organization which allows for greater buy-in, involvement and process ownership.
  3. Design: our design phase is based on the first two steps: thorough diagnostic, high engagement and good understanding of the needs of the organization.
  4. Delivery: using high engagement and client centered processes we deliver our services in a manner that allows the client to “own the process.”  This facilitates the long-term goal of transferring knowledge and creating sustainable solutions.
Quick Consult

We understand that sometimes our clients simply need ad-hoc advice and/or support and therefore offer a Quick Consult approach which allows us to provide value on a per need basis. This service is also offered to clients requiring additional post mandate assistance.


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