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Bringing balance to the workplace

New Horizons Organizational Structure & Development
New Horizons


Companies that invest in talent development ... are rewarded ...Organizations that are able to align its teams/groups and various departments to work as a whole unit are better equipped to meet daily challenges. This includes the proper development of a strategic plan, including vision and mission, with clear goals and objectives.

Organizations that implement strong structures — and that give their teams a voice and a sense of ownership — will reap great benefits. Employees who are invited to participate in the development of key organizational elements feel a greater sense of commitment and enthusiasm, while fostering increased creativity a4dnd productivity, as well as lower turnover. 


Organizational Development aims to help an organization develop to its full potential leading to higher productivity and overall performance. It is essential to determine what works well and what can be done to help the organization flourish and achieve better results. A company with a healthy organizational climate produces high employee satisfaction, which in turn motivates people to constantly strive for and attain higher goals, both professionally and personally.

How is your organization’s health?

  • Do your people come into work enthusiastically or with reserve?
  • Are relationships between employees relaxed and friendly, or strained and formal?
  • Do your employees go out of their way to provide good customer support and/or service?
  • Is feedback and recognition an on-going process in your organization?
  • Are conflicts managed in a positive way, or do they hinder the teams, holding them back?
  • What is your organization’s reputation in the marketplace?  Are you recognized as an employer of choice?

These questions are just a few to help you look at the climate within your organization and determine whether the “health” of your business is where you would like it to be.

New Horizons will work with you to establish a process that will incorporate the participation and involvement of all key participants. This ensures that your employees will be committed to the improvement of your organization’s “health” by creating a stronger sense of ownership, which is one of the main factors in the long-term success of any development plan.

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