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Presentation IMPACT

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of advertising and best of all, it is absolutely free. 

So  . . . . when you present to a group to promote your company, product, service or idea, you have the opportunity to plant the seed of “Word-of-Mouth” advertising with your audience and have it spread virally. 

So . . . . when you present to a group, is your message clear, concise, passionate and memorable?  What will your audience understand and say about you, your company, product, service or idea?

When you present, make sure you present with impact. . . . presentation-Impact™

This 4-step approach will ensure that your message has impact. 

  • You will sell more products and services. 
  • You will get your ideas across quicker, clearer and more effectively.
  • Your message will be more dynamic and entertaining.
  • Your message will be remembered and trusted.

presentation-Impact™ will walk you through a 4-step approach that will get you to focus on what is really important for any presentation – your audience. 

  1. The first step prepares you to look at your message from the audience’s point of view. 
  2. The second step will show you an iron clad process that will make your content compelling and memorable each and every time using the most tested techniques. 
  3. The third step will ensure that your support materials will compliment you and your presentation and not distract the audience.
  4. The fourth step will work with your body language, mannerisms, speech clarity, intonation and volume.

This approach is not only great for your presentation; you can use these methods to develop your elevator speech for networking events.  Your presentation script can be easily adapted for commercial advertising spots on radio, TV, the internet, e-mails, brochures and articles.  The supporting visuals can be used for trade show booths or other public events.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • C level management – lead more effectively!
  • Sales and business development people – increase sales!
  • Department directors, managers, supervisors – get your project off the ground quicker and finish on time!
  • Entrepreneurs – get your message heard, understood and remembered!
  • Post secondary students – get better marks for your project work and defend your thesis more effectively.
  • Anyone who has to speak in front of an audience and needs to get their message understood, remembered and engage action!

If you have an important presentation to make, it makes sense to seize the opportunity and do it right.  Contact me to discuss your next big presentation and how presentation-Impact™ will benefit you.

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Promotion IMPACT

 You need to grow your business and get new customers.  But getting a new prospect to buy from you is costly and time consuming because you have to gain their trust.  They will not buy from you until they trust you. 

  • promotion-Impact™ is a unique and effective way to attract new customers to build your business. 
  • promotion-Impact™ targets your existing customer base that already trusts you.
  • promotion-Impact™ leverages the people who trust your customers. 
  • promotion-Impact™ makes it easy for your customers to recommend you by way of video email or “V-Mail”.
  • promotion-Impact™ maintains the integrity of your branding and image.

“V-Mail” is a flash presentation that is effective and gets results.  V-Mail speaks to the recipient with vibrant visuals to support your message and background music to set the mood and tone.  Your message and brand identity is preserved and can be easily forwarded by your customer’s to their network.

V-Mail has an audio narrative to communicate your message in what ever language you prefer and caters to those who respond to sounds and voice.  Vibrant visuals and your corporate colours will preserve your brand identity and caters to the majority of the population who respond to visual pictures.  The background music sets the tone of the message and this is important to people who are kinesthetic and respond to feeling stimulus.  Your message has something for everyone.

Your customers will open your V-mail first because it is entertaining and not the standard text email and PDF attachment they are accustomed to seeing in their inbox.  They will forward your message to their network because they trust you and your message is unique because it is about them.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Entrepreneurs – get more referrals and more customers!
  • Retail – promote sales and specials on services!
  • Financial advisors – get more referrals from your network!
  • Professionals – let people know who and where you are!
  • Small local businesses such as restaurants, boutiques and service companies
  • Anyone who relies on referrals to build their business
  • Anyone who wants to up-sell their existing customer base and increase revenues

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Website IMPACT

You are too busy running your company operations?  There is never enough time in the day for growing your business.  We often spend our time putting out fires. 

You have a website but how much value is it bringing you?  On top of it all everyone is telling you that your website must be on the first page of Google.  That will cost money and a lot of money for a competitive market sector.

Here is some advice . . . .

Having your website on the first page of Google is not enough.

You need to have your message on the first page of Google.  What message you ask?  The messages that will address the questions people are asking Google.  Why is Google so important?  People are turning to Google for answers to their questions for everything.  Google is replacing the traditional yellow pages as a source of local directory information. 

So if you invest money having your website on the first page of Google, people visiting your website is still looking for the answer to the question that they Googled.  If they have to navigate through your site looking for that answer, chances are they will move on to another website after 30 to 40 seconds.  Your money spent on SEO has been wasted.  What you want is your message on the first page of Google.  A message that will answer the question potential clients just asked Google.  Provide them with the answer and you have their attention.   You can then link them to the exact section on the exact page on your website that they will be interested in.  They will not have to navigate through your site and get frustrated.

  • website-Impact™ gets your message on the first page of Google so people looking for your product, service or company will find exactly what you are offering quickly and conveniently. 
  • website-Impact™ generates qualified leads from people who are looking for your products or services.
  • website-Impact™ accomplishes this automatically while you tend to other matters. 

How do we do this?
First we identify what is unique about you, your company, product or service.  We then profile several customer types and how you can help them with their issues. 

website-Impact™ then produces several short videos targeting the pain or discomfort your customer may be feeling and then communicates your message on how you may be able to provide a solution.  The customer is asked to opt into an automated information sharing program that will educate them about their situation and provide great value through several timely messages.  Once the relationship has been further developed online, they are asked for permission to be contacted by you for further dialogue.   Once permission is granted, you are automatically notified of a hot new lead!

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Local businesses
  • Trades such as plumbers, electricians, renovation contractors.
  • Professionals
  • Service companies
  • Anyone who sells their products on their website.
  • Anyone who wants to promote the content of their website or blog.

If you want to generate more hot leads for your business, then contact me to discuss your business needs.

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