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Bringing balance to the workplace

New Horizons Sales and Presentations Workshops
New Horizons


Have to make that critical presentation?  Will you leave them breathless or will you leave them comatosed?  This series of presentation workshops will ensure that the first scenario will be the norm.

1. The newest and latest trends

Today’s business is in a constant process of change.  What was acceptable yesterday is now outdated.  Presentations are no different.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The latest trends in presenting techniques.
  • What leading organizations are doing to communicate more effectively, and with greater clarity
  • The new processes being adopted in the preparation stage of the presentation.

2. Purpose - So why are you presenting?

You have been asked to make a presentation.   You want your presentation to be focused, have impact and be a success.  Will you plan properly? 

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The six critical questions you need to ask and answer before you make that presentation.
  • Why these questions are so critical.
  • The benefits of answering these questions.
  • The pitfalls you can expect if you don’t.

3. Script Preparation - So What's Your Story?

Everyone loves a good story.  What is yours?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The basic elements of a good story.
  • How to use story telling in a business environment.
  • How to guarantee your audience will be into your story.
  • How to write your story so it can be told in 5, 25 or 45 minutes.

4. Visual Support - The Do's and Don'ts

Your visual presentation software should complement your presentation, reinforce your message and not BE your presentation.  Your audience is there to see and listen to you, not the projector screen. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why you should use visuals.
  • When to use visuals.
  • What is most effective.
  • How to support complex information such as spreadsheets and graphs.
  • How to use visuals to support your message and not distract from it.

5. Delivering a Powerful Presentation

Is your message believable?  Are you believable?  Your audience will not act on your recommendations unless they trust you.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The key elements of your presentation that will build trust.
  • Additional techniques to build trust.
  • Techniques to stir emotion.

CRM Implementation

1. The Traps of Implementing a CRM

Planning on implementing contact relationship management software within your company?  Is this the second or third attempt?  Many initiatives to implement a CRM fail. Why? Often the necessary preliminary work is not completed which increases the risk of a failed implementation program.  This workshop will outline what you need to do before you start shopping for CRM software:

  • Who needs to be on board and on the team?
  • The basic steps needed to be taken to increase the level of success within your organization.
  • Tools available to map out your business processes.
  • Make sure the CRM software fits your way of doing business, not the other way around.

Sales Presentations

1. Creating a presentation that sells

Your company invests considerable resources in research, product development, hiring the right people and marketing your message.  Research shows that little investment is allocated to the first thing your client is exposed to from your company – the sales presentation.  Make your first impression the best it can be.

In this workshop your sales team will learn:

  • Why the sales presentation is different from others.
  • What are the unique challenges that sales face when presenting your product or service.
  • The secrets of developing the presentation to handle the various situations that arise.
  • How to prepare for potential objections.
  • How to incorporate your response to objections within your presentation.
  • Key presentation skills to accelerate the building of trust between your sales professional and the client.

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